Music is a vital part of life, and making music together with others is something rewarding and deeply satisfying for children and adults alike.

The Music Makers philosophy is that everyone is musical – that being musical is part of our humanity – we are the only species that can make music together and we should celebrate that fact by doing it – often!

The Music Makers weekly class is intended to be a quality music experience for a child among many other musical experiences, at home, at school and in the community. There is no substitute for child/parent interaction, songs sung on Mum or Dad’s knee, songs that grandparents used to sing, passed down from parent to child and enjoyed regularly together in the course of everyday living.

We believe it is important for a child to see music being created in the here and now, therefore we place emphasis on the real playing of real instruments by the teacher, rather than simply using recordings.

In the same way that a child can eat a carrot and have no idea of the process it has gone through to arrive clean and edible on the plate, a child can hear ‘canned’ music and not appreciate how it happens or understand that a person is making that music with fingers and mouth and breath and having great fun doing it. At Music Makers, we therefore aim to make ‘live’ music a priority and keep recordings to a minimum.

Musical activity, as well as being pleasurable and enriching in itself, has positive effects on the development of a child. Research shows that taking part in regular musical activity benefits a child intellectually and emotionally as well as socially.

It is also clear that a child who is taught how to refine his/her listening skills is going to reap rewards from this, not just musically, but in the classroom and in social skills too. In fact, parents of Music Makers often report an increase in their child’s awareness of their sound-world generally, and say that they start to focus their listening much more.