Content of Classes

Music Makers classes involve hundreds of fun, progressive musical activities for children in a structured group setting, incorporating elements of Kodaly and Dalcroze, under the guidance and expertise of a qualified music teacher.

Sessions might include:-

  • a quiet circle listening activity
  • focus on a composer
  • singing, action rhymes and finger plays
  • a ‘sound’ story/puppet fun/Musicland story
  • a musical/rhythm game
  • the use of a wide variety of hand-held percussion instruments
  • a game or song using movement in a bigger space
  • making music together, practising ensemble skills

This unique programme is designed to encourage your child to develop his/her musical talent and gain aural and rhythmic skills prior to formal music lessons.

Sue Lake says: “There is a strong focus on listening skills at Music Makers and I start each session by drawing the children to quiet focused listening. Just as in the visual sense, you wouldn’t ask a child to paint a picture on a dirty piece of paper, in the same way, in the aural sense, it is important to create a backdrop of quiet for children to create sound against, so they learn to REALLY LISTEN. Good listening is the basis of good musicianship.”

After-school classes run along similar lines, but activities are taken a stage further to suit the developing abilities of the older child.