“This has been such a great start for my daughter and I hope she will go on to playing an instrument, as a result of this foundation”   Sally O’Boyle

“I am delighted with everything I have seen. Thank you so much. I’m sure this has stood him in very good stead for future music-making”   Yvonne Sewell

“I think that Music Makers is such a unique experience and both my children have enjoyed it so much. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication”   Shinobu Motokawa

“My daughter has always loved coming to Music Makers. She is very enthusiastic about music and can’t wait to learn to play a musical instrument”   Jenny Sheriff

“Music Makers has certainly contributed to my daughter’s overall development and appreciation of music and sound”   Nadia McCay

“I think everything you have done in MusicMakers has been an innovative, outstandingly good introduction to music. It would be wonderful if even more children could benefit from the experience”   Amanda Lyons