Stories from Musicland: Volume 1

I have been writing and using my Stories from Musicland since Music Makers started in 1998. These stories are a way of introducing written notation to young children in a fun way.

The characters are Charlie Crotchet, Minny Minim, Quentin Quaver and Grandpa Semibreve and they have adventures. The first volume is now published and contains 3 stories, 1) Meeting the Notes, 2) The Notes build an Extension (about ledger lines) and 3) Charlie visits Kitty (about the allegro/moderato/adagio trains) I am currently doing a series of readings in local schools of these stories and so far, have had a great response – the children are loving them.

I also attended a book-signing for Waterstones which took place in October 2012. This first volume can be purchased from Waterstones, Notingham, The Bookcase, Lowdham, Windblowers, Nottingham or online through Amazon.

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