Benefits To Your Child

Music Makers is about having fun making music together, but there is also a strong teaching element. One parent commented,

“My child has learnt so much without even realising he was learning – he just thinks he’s having fun.”

There are many benefits to attending Music Makers. Your child takes part in an enjoyable, educational activity, in a calm and structured environment. He/she develops self-confidence, learns cooperation and a positive attitude towards others and is affirmed and encouraged in all his/her efforts.

Musically, your child will develop:

  • Listening skills and the ability to differentiate between sounds.
  • Rhythmic awareness.
  • The ability to sing in tune and with confidence.
  • The ability to understand musical concepts such as loud/soft, fast/slow, high/low.
  • An understanding of simple notation and musical symbols.
  • Respect for instruments and the ability to play percussion instruments with increasing control and sensitivity.
  • An awareness of important composers of the past and a little of their music.
  • A sense of pleasure and fun in music-making as part of a group.
  • A love of music and an enthusiasm which, it is hoped, will lead him/her to pursue this interest at a later stage, by learning to play a musical instrument.