An exciting children’s music class for 3-7 years old in Nottingham

An exciting children’s music class for 3-7 years old in Nottingham

If your child enjoys music and you are looking for ways to encourage him/her to develop musically, you have come to the right place.

More and more children are taking up musical instruments after being inspired at children’s Music Makers classes Nottingham.

‘This is a brilliant concept: every child should get the chance to experience Music Makers’

Stories from Musicland: Volumes 1 and 2

Sue Lake has been writing and using Stories from Musicland since Music Makers started in 1998. These stories are a way of introducing written notation to young children in a fun way.

The characters are Charlie Crotchet, Minny Minim, Quentin Quaver and Grandpa Semibreve and they have adventures. The first volume is now published and contains 3 stories…Continue reading

what parents say about Music Makers

I think everything you have done in Music Makers has been an innovative, outstandingly good introduction to music. It would be wonderful if even more children could benefit from the experience
Amanda Lyons

How do I get Music Makers in my school or nursery?

Music Makers sessions run regularly in local schools and nurseries. If you would like to arrange a one-off session or a weekly session in your school/nursery, please email Sue Lake at to discuss your needs and for details of fees and available times.